Is Digital Deepak Internship Program Worth the Hype?


Since you’ve googled about the internship program and probably landed on my blog to extract more information about the infamous Digital Deepak Internship Program, I’ll be brutally honest about my experience and whether or not you should join.

You see, Digital Marketing is an extremely vast topic and it requires a heck lot of patience. And if you’re someone who lacks patience, perseverance, and determination and are looking for some ‘get rich quick’ scheme, I suggest you get off this blog right away.
This is not an article of that sort.

As a novice, being bombarded with all the information can get quite overwhelming and that’s why most people avoid learning about any subject matter.

Now, the market is filled with courses and stuff with regard to digital marketing.
If you go and try to google about it, you’ll find thousands and thousands of courses and related articles with respect to it.
The information is scattered throughout the internet and it’s quite frustrating to not know where to start or what to follow.
The content on almost all the blogs and youtube channels is full of self-promotion, instead of providing transparency and a clear road map for novices.

Who am I?

I’m Amrutanshu Patra, a B.Com Final Year Student and a CA aspirant. So, I necessarily understand the depth of time and money and how it functions, overall.
I’ve been following Deepak for quite a while now. I’ve been reading and analyzing his blog posts, articles, videos, and webinars and honestly, these are timeless pieces of content. Meaning, these will always be beneficial for everyone for that matter and will not lose their worth over time.
I had gotten an email from him regarding the Digital Deepak Internship Program. And I thought of attending the webinar at the very least. But then, after attending the webinar, it was quite clear to me that this isn’t like the usual courses/ internships that are available in the market as of now. 

Before joining this Internship Program, I was quite skeptical. I was in doubt whether the program is as promising as it claims to be.
But now that I’ve come to the end of this program, I feel like I made the right decision of joining this program.
I’ve completely changed since the day I started this internship. It’s a makeover for me. And I love this new version of myself.
This program made me step out of my comfort zone quite a lot of times and now I realize, it’s all for the better!

The best part about this program is, it’s not just taught in theory but is implemented in real life. So, it’s definitely not boring.
And, everyone gets an equal exposure of hitting various opportunities.
In short, this program aims at producing the optimum results out of us.

Who is Digital Deepak and why should you trust him?

Digital Deepak
The Mentor – Digital Deepak aka Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju (popularly known as Digital Deepak) is one of the finest Digital Marketing training experts in India. He is a digital marketing consultant, blogger, author, and trainer.

Hailing from Bangalore, he has achieved a lot with his keen interest in learning and the proper implementation of the same.

Having started a Bike blog in the initial years and working throughout the same for a period of time, his blog rose to great heights by capturing more than a million views and readers on his blog.

He has already worked with Practo, RazorPay, and a lot of other companies and has given them his services which have helped them scale up their business.

He is also the founder of Pixeltrack, a Digital Marketing Agency.

And with that experience, he has now risen to be one of the top digital marketers with a very clear vision of molding a million digital marketers from India.

What is the infamous Digital Deepak Internship Program?

Just as the name suggests, this is an internship program for all aspiring individuals who plan on not just learning but also implementing the art of Digital Marketing in their own lives.

This is not just some random course available on the internet wherein one lacks proper guidance, practicality, and is always stuck on the theoretical aspects.

This program is exceptionally well structured, curated, and bundled with all the necessary guidance, which aims at nurturing the individuals who are ready to take some action, instead of being a couch potato in life.

Here, one can learn all the basics and implement the same in real-time to get a more realistic insight as to how powerful Digital Marketing can be.

What will you get to learn?

Above all else, in contrast to different programs, you will learn Digital Marketing Practically from one of the best Digital Marketers in India. 

You will get proper direction from Deepak and his team.

You will also receive a certificate if you complete all of the tasks.

I am sharing the full plan of the program, which will assist you with understanding the capability of this Internship.

Success Mindset

While starting with anything, a  proper mindset is essential.
Because, without taming our minds, we can’t expect it to digest and be flexible with all the information.

As they say, everything is in the mind. To grasp and maintain a healthy decorum in life, a healthy mindset is required.

Here, our mindsets were cleansed and reprogrammed to being a step closer to success. It’ll be filled with a lot of harsh truths and how to overcome a few set of practices that’ll help you build your path to being successful.

Fundamentals of Marketing

Here it was taught us about the basic principles of marketing.
A framework about it is narrated and a lot of underlying secrets and techniques are enclosed. Everything about the history of marketing to modern marketing techniques was told.
In fact, we had to write an entire article on it. That was the first article that I ever wrote.
You can read about it from here.

Niche Selection

In this section, we learned how to select a niche for ourselves that we can scale and be profitable. Having a niche is important to have an edge over others.
Another part of this has the Keyword and audience research, whereby we had to explore our niche and plot out an audience demographic for the same.

Creation of a Blog/ Website

As an individual, it’s no harm to owning a website. It’s an investment that we all should be taking up since the ROI on this is higher than what one can expect.
Here, we learned about a lot of technical stuff regarding getting a domain and hosting, DNS, WordPress themes, plugins, and a hell of a lot more which are essential to creating a full-fledged running website that acts as our internet presence.
This had a lot of technical stuff yet, it was interesting enough. 

Content Creation and Content Marketing

Content creation is essential in this era if you are trying to prove your authority in the competitive market as it helps in gathering an audience for yourself. You can further create more timeless content pieces to expand your audience reach which will, in turn, help you in making more sales/ getting more clients, etc.
Here, we learned about content creation, content marketing, and video content creation in an extensive format.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent way of getting the initial traction that one needs. But relying completely on social media apps and letting them decide our fate is a huge mistake that we all tend to make.
In this section, we learned how one can build their own, like-minded tribe whereby they have complete control over their ecosystem unlike in social networking apps. It’s some powerful stuff.

Lead Generation

This is the most powerful part of the entire program whereby you generate leads for your niche and this is where you start getting practical results of this internship program. Here, you present yourself to the market efficiently wherein you can get an interview for a job, seal some hefty deals, get your very first client, etc.

Facebook Ads

Here, we got involved in running various ad campaigns. This section aimed at guiding us to run a Facebook ad effectively while getting results. This helped us in getting familiar with the concepts and technicalities of Facebook ads. 

Google Ads

Just like Facebook ads, in this section, we were made familiar with the concepts of google ads and how to create and run ads on google.
Ads like search campaigns, display campaigns, smart display campaigns, and conversion campaigns were taught. 
Google ads itself is a vast topic in itself, but a brief overview of it was narrated to us.


One of the most interesting sections of this program whereby we learned how and why Search Engine Optimization is required for people who publish content in their blogs like articles, etc.
It is indeed an integral part, as it amounts to 70% of the website traffic that you’ll be getting. So, having an ample amount of knowledge is technically fruitful.

Marketing Automation

Here we learned about the automation of the entire system so that one does not need to handle everything manually.

Sales and Copywriting

To be effective in landing some sales, one has to know the art of copywriting.
Here, we learned about many tips and tricks which would help us in skyrocketing the sales.

4 Bonus Weeks

After 12 weeks, this is often the part where one can apply all of the learnings in real-time.

There are several paths like getting a job in the field of digital marketing, starting your own freelancing business or agency, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
In these 4 weeks, one will get all the guidance in each of the paths and you’ll see some fantastic results.

What about the Cashback

See, as the content is quite extensive, so you’ll have to make a deposit while joining the internship program. But then, if you submit all the assignments properly and within the time limit, you’ll get back all of your deposited money.
So, effectively it costs you nothing for learning, getting guidance for implementing, and whatnot.

On top of that, the Digital Deepak Team assures a 100% assignment approval guarantee, provided your assignment is proper. Also, if in any assignment your work is not up to the mark and it gets rejected, you can still resubmit it again after rectifying and it’ll get approved.

Apart from that, You can also earn a bonus if you come in the top 25 interns!!
How cool is that!?

Why should anyone join?

This is a supremely unique form of internship program where you got nothing to lose. You’re only at a gain and you’ll always be.
This program solely aims at the implementation of the knowledge.
People learn a lot of stuff but don’t apply in the real world and that knowledge just fades away in a corner of their brain. 

You’ll get all the necessary guidance and support.
The value that you’ll be getting out of this program can’t be compared to monetary terms.
It’s of that High Quality.

Who Should Join?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a working professional or anything. As long as you have a keen interest in learning and implementing the concepts, you’re very much fit for this program. 

Conclusion – My Perspective

If you learn digital marketing, it doesn’t mean that you need to become a digital marketer, yourself.
Digital Marketing is something that can be integrated with every niche, profession, etc. What you can do is use digital marketing and the tactics involved to start your venture or kickstart your existing business to seven-folds.
Quite evidently, you can also be a freelancer concerning a particular topic and implement the learnings for your clients.
Digital Deepak internship program is like a road map and the right pathfinder for beginners who want to be digital marketing experts or otherwise as it includes everything from scratch to end.

In brief, the possibilities with learning Digital Marketing are endless and if you’re an individual having an eye for the long term and you plan on making sacrifices whilst building a better path for yourself, I think you should consider applying for this!

My review about the Internship Program.

Here’s the Link to the Internship Program.
Go ahead and Kindly don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to unfold new achievements.

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